Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Author

Restoring leaders

Who is This for: Leaders who wounded or struggling with overwhelm and burnout.

What is it: A ministry focused on providing confidential care and support for leaders and ministries. Offering 1:1 mentoring, online courses and retreats focused on refocus, rewenew and restoring leaders.

kmc coaching

KMC Coaching provides One on One and small group encouragement for the leader who desires to advance their leadership and influence.

It’s focus is to help leaders no matter where they are to grow and develop so that they can lead more to reach more.

biblical parenting

Parents don’t need to struggle with a child’s behavior if you know the path to their heart and real change. When you focus on their heart, the mind, will, and actions follow.

This coaching program offers 8 weeks of step by step heart building approach.

group speaking

Tom loves to connect with groups of any age or size.  From camps and retreats, to training a group of leaders in the church or business. Tom has messages for any group of any size.

new book out now

Valleys Over Mountains

Are you in a hard season? Do you find yourself struggling with feelings of overwhelm? I have written this book to help anyone who is finding themselves in a “valley season.”  This book is a guide to help you navigate those seasons to help you become who you were designed to be.