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MY Mission & Vision

I am on a mission to serve leaders and ministries.

Current research shows that 42% of leaders have considered quitting  during 2021/2022.

The pandemic has taken its toll on anyone in leadership.

Pivoting with so many demands and expectations has pushed leaders to a breaking point. Their private battles become overwhelming .

That is why my mission is critical. Many leaders don’t make it past the 5th year or serving. Churches struggle to find staff or recruit enough volunteers to serve.

My vision and mission is to see healthy leaders shepherding healthy ministries.  We can see that happen. It must happen.


We start with WHY? Why have a mission that works with leaders to help them overcome burnout, hurt, etc, experienced as a leader?
Because most leaders have no safe haven during the private storms they battle. They often are alone and feel very isolated with not many who can relate or understand what a leader experiences. 

Many leaders don’t know how to train and equip the staff they have or they don’t have the margin to do it.  I believe I am called and gifted to help serve ministries of any size to equip and support their leaders and staff. 
I can be that resource for the body of Christ.  That safe space where leaders can be heard, known and cared about. We understand leadership and all that it brings with it. We understand how when you are out in front, you take hits from behind.  We understand the demands and expectations of leadership and how it can burn a leader out. 

We also know that valley seasons while hard and challenging, produce great things if someone is there to guide you through it. RestoringLeaders coaches/mentors are experienced leaders who have walked the valleys and the mountains and can walk with any leader who desires to find the beauty in the valley. 


How We Get It Done

We can come alongside a leader and profide the necessary assement and recommendations to help them become the leader that is needed to impact the community.

We can come alongside a ministry and help them develop the systems and structures that willl provide both flexibilty and growth.

We love asking lots of questions and will do that to better determine the best course of action. We want to see your leaders and mission grow. This will happen through 1:1 mentoring, training and actually coming onsite to view your leaders and mission in action.

Tom Bump, The KMC Coach

Tom Bump, The KMC Coach

Tom has been is a PK (pastors kid) and so he’s literally been raised in and around the church. He’s seen and experienced many things but it also made him who he is today. He has been in some kind of full time ministry role since the age of 18. He’s married to April and have 4 young adult children. He loves being with people, camping, (especially the camp cooking) He occasionally plays golf and other sports.

The Mission Is Impossible Without Support

Restoring Leaders  cannot serve and care for the leaders who need 1 on 1 mentoring, building courses or hosting our 4 Day retreats without financial support and consistent prayer warriors.
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If you don’t need tax benefits or would like to give a one time gift to support one of the many projects we have needs for you may contact Tom and he can give you direct giving links.  Email: tom(at)restoring


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