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I wanted to share the first installment of my blog where will be sharing Thoughts, Quotes and Lessons learned from this years Orange Conference. I will say CPC will always be my All Around BEST Conference, but Orange has some of the most Innovative Out Of The Box ideas and ways of doing things and this year proved that. I’ve seen another conference trying to say they are the MOST innovative and I don’t like it when publishers, conferences or others try to say this about themselves.
I’m am not putting them down, I’m encouraging them to let others say it about what you do or how you you do. If you have to say it, you’re probably not doing it.
OK Enough of the little soapbox, I said all that to say, For the first time in a long time, we in “church-world” were forced to be innovative and not re-inventive. (not sure if that’s a word, but it is now)
Orange didn’t re-invent the conference. They didn’t try to take what they had planned and just put it online. They innovated and developed something new. Something truly innovative. Here are a few of my favorite Quotes, be sure to check back as this list will grow!— Tom
-Reggie Joiner
Good leaders change their minds, We shouldn’t trust a leader who doesn’t change their mind. – Why? Because They aren’t listening.
– I don’t want to follow them- they won’t lead into anything new or where we don’t want to go?
Everything changes- some people will never admit they changed their minds
When you remember why? You will have a filter to evaluate everything you do.
Have you wondered why you are leading in this moment?-  You are leading at the most pivotal time andGod wants to use YOU to do something totally unique!
-Ryan Leak
Why are we obsessed with turning a negative into a positive. We think pain makes us look bad. and  we believe that if people could see our pain, they will think our Jesus will not be worth knowing.  
We want to get them out of pain so they don’t see ours.
-Lamenting- Sometimes we have to sit with  pain without a plan!
-Kristen Ivy
When you understand your why, you’ll be the first to know it’s time for change.
When you remember your why? You start by doing the next right thing-
When you remember your why? You will go into the unknown.  You’ll take risks.
When you remember your why?  You lead like some things never change.-