Sometimes you just need someone to point you in the right direction

I love Tom’s Heart to give but also his heart to learn. Tom is the real deal! You’d be blessed to have him as a Coach/Mentor

Jim Wideman

Leadership Coach/Tom's Mentor


Every Leader Needs A Coach

KMC Coaching Is here to help you

*Develop Your Skills As a leader

*Develop Teams that grow 

*Develop ministries that change generations

If that’s what your looking for:

 You Have Come To The Right Place!


Every Leader Has Questions???

Every Leader Faces Choices …

Where do you go when you have questions that you need to not only get answers to but, to help you contextualize and implement in your context?

Facebook groups? Webinars? Video Courses? There not a bad options, and I’ve used all of them, but is that really where you’ll find the best answers for you in your ministry context?

An experienced ministry coach can ask questions to clarify and dig deeper into what you’re really looking for.

An experienced ministry coach won’t tell you how to do it, but they will help you find the answer that is right before you.

If you are ready to stop crowd-sourcing answers and handcraft the best answer, let’s talk.

Make the best choice and invest in yourself, I’d love to hear your story and help you see a customized plan to help you lead yourself and your minstry.  

Let’s schedule your first session today. 

KMC Hero Bootcamp

It’s time to Destroy Overwhelm, Blowout Burnout, and Start Living and Leading within a Sustainable Pace. This 6 Month Bootcamp will equip and encourage you to become the leader you were when you first started in leadership!


What's It About?

This group will dig deep into the causes of feeling overwhelmed and close to burning out while leading. We’ll explore how to see the warning signs and how to take steps to prevent them from taking us out of leadership.  We’ll also explore other topics too……



Your “mindset” can make or break your leadership. It affects everything you do and everyone you lead. We will help you build a healthy, positive mindset and eliminate the villains that keep hitting at you!

Sustainable Pace

One major reason leaders struggle with feeling overwhelmed, worn out and vulnerable to quitting is the pace of leadership. Most have no idea how to assess or change their pace, especially when you’re not in charge.  Learn some ways to combat and reset your pace to something that is godly and sustainable. 

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