Coaching BASICS

This option is perfect for those new to ministry leadership and/or those on limited budgets.

During your monthly call, we’ll customize the call to fit your desired outcomes.

Topics recommended during these calls would be:

*Leadership/communication/personality styles

*Task/calendar management

*Building healthy teams/cultures

*Soul care for leaders and teams

Coaching PLUS

This option is recommended for those who desire to take leadership to the next step and desire more indepth coaching/mentoring sessions.

You will receive 2 calls per month up to 60 min.

Your assement and customized journey will include all of the items in the BASICS, and the following additions:

*Access to coach through Marco Polo/Slack Apps.

*Book study with application and implementation strategy.

*1 zoom strategy session.

Coaching PRO

This is the perfect fit for those who desire to invest in themselves for greater impact.

You will receive 2 60 minute calls each month as well as full acces to Tom via (phone, text, marco polo and slack apps.)

Your coaching and mentoring journey will include everthing in BASIC and PLUS and:

*Personal Assessments to develop your leadership and personal growth.

*Leadership book study with application plan.

*2 zoom strategy and implementation calls.

*Review of ministry systems and structures along with leadership development plan.

What Is A Coaching Journey Like?

It begins with a personal and ministry assessment. We must know where you are starting from to build the personalized journey for you. We can even work with your senior leadership to learn of their expectations and goals for you to also build into this journey.
Every leader who begins regardless of which package they choose will walk through this assessment and learn where they have opportunity for growth and development. 
From there we prioritize the journey path and you will be given benchmarks to aim at. We don’t want you to just learn, we want you to implement what you’ve learned. We also want you to challenge yourself without getting overwhelemed. 
Each call will be done via zoom or phone and will discuss an area of ministry, the leaders mindset and heart. We want to keep you in a healthy place so that you can be the best version of yourself. 

We evaluate and develop next steps together and celebrate each and every win!

So if you are interested, let’s start with the first step and that’s a 30 minute clarity call.  Hit the button to start now!

I love Tom’s heart for leaders. It’s the real deal. He will serve you well and walk alongside of you  on this leaderhsip journey.

Jim Wideman, Jim Wideman Ministries,Speaker, Author, Tom's Coach

Tired of the self-doubt struggle? Ready to find some Balance with your leadership and life?

These to workshops were recorded live and will give you many practical and helpful ideas how to first overcome imposter sydrome. 
In the Strong mission, Strong Mind Workshop, we cover how limiting thoughts can keep us from making great kingdom impact.  This Workshop provides some why’s and how to get beyond self doubt and imposter sydrome and create some new ways of thinking.
The Work/Life Balance workshop is a workshop filled with practical info to help a leader figure out where things are out of balance. You are guided on how to set up healthy boundaries and create some new options to help you take down overwhelm!


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