CM Conference April 15-17, 2015 Louisville, KY

Why should you attend CM Conference?

1) You have the opportunity to connect with some amazing people in the world of Kids Ministry: Jim Wideman, Beth Guckenberger, Bo Harrington and Wayne Stocks just to name a few!

2) This conference is going to meet your needs! How can I say this? because it’s designed to speak to your heart as a kidmin leader and as a follower of Christ.

3) Networking! One of the biggest benefits of conferences are the times where you can meet and talk to new people who love doing ministry. I am eager to meet new people and find out what God is doing away from my little corner of the world.

So, Want to attend but don’t have the $$$ for a ticket? I have 9 tickets to give away! Just leave me a comment on this post and I’ll help you get one! (Or 2 if you ask nicely) Once they are gone, you’ll have to pay!!  I hope to see you there!!

This offer Expires March 13th!!!!