I’m Overwhelmed! I’m Burned Out! I’m Exhausted.

So Many leaders are struggling with an internal war. Feeling all the the pressures of leadership with no where to turn.  For many the isolation is like a giant elephant sitting on their chests without any hope of moving it off. 

I remember those feelings as a I was strugging with a growing ministry, pressure from other leaders and knowing that others were watching me to see if I could handle being a leader. 

There was no way I was going to let on about the elephant on my chest. 

That’s exactly what the enemy wanted me to keep doing. Living in total fear of what others would think if I admitted to anything that was listed in the title of this post.  So what could I do? 

I had no safe place (so I thought) to turn to. I didn’t want to reveal myself as I needed to keep it all together?  If you are identifying with any of these things can I tell you something completly vulnearable?  I look back and I see a fool in leadership. (I’m not calling you a fool, I’m calling myself a fool) Don’t be like me!  Don’t think you can hide this, endure this, or even outlast it. The elephant only gets heavier the more you feed it the lies you feed yourself. 

Here’s a couple things you can do to:

1) Check your pace- Is your calendar full? Do you have 1-2 hrs you can spend resting, recovering and renewing yourself? (even having some fun??)  If not you are TOO busy and you need to make the time or you will be heading down the burnout slope.

2) Check your heart- How is your devotional life? Is it routine, stale, or becoming just a ritual? Then its time to read differently. Shake things up. Change versions you use. Change the time, location even how often. Spend some time reading relationally. Read as if its a letter from Father God directly and only to you. 

3) Check your Ovewhelmed meter- What is that? If you are getting a shorter than usual fuse where your anger pops up. If you are more cynical than hopeful. If you are saying no after you said yes to things. Your overwhelmed meter is redlining. You need to stop some things right now. You need to give away some things. You need to make some serious changes. 

If you want to last in ministry, if you want a greater impact. Stop and get restored and refocused to live and lead in a healthy way. 

Restoring Leaders is one of those ministries whose sole focus is to help hurting, broken and burned out leaders to live restored and lead renewed. 

If you need someone to talk to in a safe and confidential way you can schedule a call with me and I’ll be happy to help offer some support and encouragement. I can also share with you what Restoring Leaders has to offer you.  We are a by faith ministry which means we don’t charge for our  guiding ministry. You can donate what you can or nothing at all.  If you are between ministry positions we ask that you don’t donate at this time. We want to help first and then if God leads you can pay it forward for someone else. 

 Head to our website by clicking this link: RestoringLeaders

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