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You Want Me To Do What???

I started 2020 just like everyone else, looking forward to new dreams, new fresh starts, a new business/ministry adventure and then the ugly sided of the new year showed up.  It rattled all of us. It reminded all of us that we are human, we are vulnerable, we are limited and yet we have so much to look forward to and be grateful of.

I can hardly believe as I look back how fast and yet slow 2020 went. I launched a ministry leadership coaching program called KMC Coaching and God blessed me with many clients who I was able to walk along side of and help develop their leadership and ministry goals.  What an incredible adventure it has been.  I knew God had led me here and I knew he would direct people my way who I would connect with and serve.  I saw many others who jumped into “coaching” and wondered if I would be able to make it as a full time coach. I battled through doubts and fears and a year later, I’m still here, adding clients and seeing God build his kingdom.  All my fears and doubts, God has overcome.  I am blessed.

In April of 2020, I was spending time seeking God for the next phase of this ministry as I was having strong thoughts and dreams about leaders who were hurting. I was seeing in Facebook group after Facebook group, leaders expressing: hurts, depression, burnout, fatigue, and great frustration over all the changes in our world. They had no place to turn to safely talk and process, let alone get help about these things they were internally struggling with. That’s when God spoke clearly to my heart and in 30 years of ministry, I’ve never seen something so clearly that I was called to as this. It scared me to my core.  I felt God telling me to pastor the pastors, to be there for the hurting and the broken. Be the one who I needed many years ago when I was hurting, broken, and completly burned out. 

God gave me a word in the middle of the night, I wrote it down on  my phone and then two weeks later, my wife shared with me some words on her heart, The word was RESTORE, RESTORATION! This is where the new minstry of helping hurting and broken leaders get back in and stay in ministry came from.  I am now giving everything I can to help other leaders who need someone to talk to. Someone to walk beside a safe place to find restoration. 

I am in awe that God would ask me to be such person. I was terrified to launch something new in the middle of a Pandemic. But here I am, Full-Time, Fully Committed and All In! 

I don’t have any idea exactly of where the funds will come to do this full time, but I have some ideas of what I can do to help move the ministry forward and so 2021 is all about seeing KMC Coaching and Restoring Leaders serve leaders.  Wether they can pay or not, I’m going to serve them. 

My prayer is that I can build a team of stake holders who will support what I do monthly so I can be fully 24/7 into this, but I also know I may have to take “jobs” so I can fund this. I’m willing to do whatever it takes, WHY? because I have been given a mission and I know what’s at stake if I don’t. 

I’m excited for 2021! I’m excited because I’m already serving leaders who want to grow their leadership skills so they can lead more and reach more.

I’m excited for 2021 because there are hurting and burned out leaders who have found Restoring Leaders and are finding hope again. One leader shared with me after taking some time with me, “you shared with honesty and integrity. You shwoed that restoration is possible and worth the journey… I’m beginning to dream again.” 

When God whispered to my heart, “be there for the pastors, pastore the pastors.” My response was, “you want me to do what?”  But now it’s truly is, “Here am I send me!” 

If I can serve you in helping you grow your ministry or if you or a leader you know needs a safe place and someone to guide them through the darkness, I’m here ready to serve them. 

If you would like to know how to be a stakeholder through prayer or financially, I’d love to talk personally with you. Please email me at 

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