This was something I shared in a FB Group and felt I needed to post here too.

I don’t know who needs to read this, but I was sitting working on few projects, did a coaching call and getting ready to go outside and work around my yard for the rest of the day.

During the coaching call, I did what I could to help this person work through some harder issues. at the end of the call, we were chatting about ministers getting let go in hard ways. They didn’t understand why churches just cut people loose and end relationships like hitting a brick wall.

I get it. I was let go. It felt like getting kicked to the curb and then being shunned by everyone you loved and thought that they loved you.

If you are walking wounded, Please hear me: as this is what God spoke to my heart as this person began to pray for me at the end of the phone call: “You are more than your vocation, You are a child of God and may you experience the newness of his Birth at Christmas, May you experience healing for your heart and draw closer to your Savior than ever before.” Hear me: You are enough, God is not done, You are valuable, gifted, chosen and called. No one, no leader, no job can ever take that away!

You didn’t get kicked to the curb. You are going to be reassigned. I’m not angry I got let go, In fact, I am actually happy. I had realized that I didn’t fit where I was. I didn’t mesh and it’s ok. We don’t have to always fit. You won’t always either. Even if the circumstances are hard. Even when they don’t feel justified or right. Trust your Father’s greater plan. God’s plans are always better than man’s. One man’s idea of whether I’m good enough doesn’t matter to me. The only opinion that matters is my Father in Heaven. I will always go his way and do all I can to honor him.

I’ll throw this in. I pray that the Church will learn to treat shepherds better. Too many are not shown the love and respect their calling deserves. The church can do way better, even if you don’t fit together. Even if you don’t agree with them. You don’t need to just cut them off, kick to the curb or however you can say it. Instead, you can Honor, Respect, show some love to the Brother, Sister, Family. Those words should be more than words when it comes to this. I have been shown love when I’ve left places, I’ve also been greatly disrespected. I think many would be horrified if they knew. I’ve heard some worse stories than mine of how fellow ministers have been treated. That must change. No one should be treated that way inside of the church.

If you need someone to talk this through with. If you are walking through hurts and feel overwhelmed, I understand I’ve been there, (even this week) I’m here. There is healing and restoration ahead of you. It is possible. I found it. It takes time and its a process but it happened for me, it can happen for you too!

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“May the Lord Bless you and keep you, may he bring healing and restoration. May he show his hand of provision over you, your family, your finances and your ministry.”