There is little doubt, culture and society have experienced major shifts in 2020!

If you are a leader you need to consider what has shifted and how the church can position itself within our shifting world.

The leaders at Orange and Rethink group are inviting Children’s and Student Leaders anyone involved in Family Ministry to have an exchange of ideas. 

The Kids Ministry Exchange and the Youth Ministry Exchange. are gatherings where leaders can come together and wrestle with todays greatest issues and help each other move the model to what God desires for this new now. 

I have said this before Covid19 and I’ll say it again. “We must give ourselves permission to end the old models and methodology and start a new model and new method for today’s world.” 

If we don’t we may face losing the space to have influence in our society. We must equip children and students to be resilient disciples and how to handle culture’s issues with God’s Word as their guide. They need to understand how to filter out the false ideologies and thoughts and think and live biblically. 

I invite you to join me and let’s have some deep conversations. Let’s move the models and methods. Let’s be true Salt and Light!

Let’s Do This Church!

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