"Follow Your Dreams"

Are you a dream chaser?  Have you given up on your dreams? Stopped dreaming?

Many of us in ministry are dreamers, we keep dreaming of bigger and better ways to reach more children and their families with the gospel. We spend countless hours in seminars, webinars, conferences trying to learn of new ways to do old things or new ways to do new things. We dream of more.

The other side of this is we had a dream, then something or someone crushed it, or we got stuck before we even started to pursue it.

In Scripture we see that God spoke his “dream” for his creation to people and they were the ones who were honored to take that dream and make it reality.  God also used dreams to move people to different places, tasks, etc.

So what Dreams are you chasing? If you’re pursuing the Fathers heart you will learn to have his heart and when you have his heart you have the dreams he has for you.  Are you chasing your dreams or the Fathers?  When you dream the Fathers dreams he confirms them through his own word.  Seek the Father and his heart and you’ll begin to dream what he’s dreaming for you.

I was at a concert this past week and this song hit me hard. So many times I’ve chased after dreams that I thought were from the Father and instead they were my own desires. If only I’d taken the time to realize that while running ahead for the dreams the Father was chasing after my to show me his plans and his desires for my life.  I pray as you serve him you will make sure that your dreams are really HIS dreams!!

Take a moment and listen to this song while you ask the Father to show you his dreams for you.

If you’ve given up on your dreams or stopped dreaming altogether, please reach out to me, I’ve been there and would be happy to listen and pray with you!



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