Not they are not a lawfirm, but they are some super servants of God who took some time to share their hearts with us. Their job was to speak to the theme: DEVELOP!  Michael Chanley, pointed out that Develop was all about the leader and ultimately about their relationship with their Creator. Each of these made some great statements that will stick with me for quite a while.

Margaret Feinbergs, smooth and sweet presentation of Sacred Echo’s was like walking down a trail with a friend and talking about the whispers we hear in the wind. She used the story of Elijah in 1 Kings 19. When Elijah stood in the mountain cave and God passed by he was not in the wind, He was not in the earthquake and he was not in the fire, but the Lord came in the gentle whisper. She asked a question I’ve never really considered before. “If God wasn’t in the storms, what was?” Hmm, Then she stepped it up, “

God uses the repetitive nature, (storms) to get our attention and he does this by allowing these by his permission and power. Now you may say Duh! I know God uses the storms to get our attention, but what we don’t often consider is that those storms are allowed by God to not only get our attention but to make the Whisper even clearer. He uses storms to prepare us to humbly listen to his voice.
Steve Adams from Saddleback Church was so awesome. The sword and knife swinging kids pastor challenged us to develop our relationships with other so that we ourselves can be sharpened and prepared for what God desires to use us for. He kept everyone on the edge of their seats because he kept swinging around these knives and a machete. (Great Object Lesson!!)  There were two statements that he made that I found impacted me. The first one, “You are a steward not an owner.” This is so true, so how good of a steward are you of the resources, people, time, energy, etc that God has given to you?   I kept thinking of the story of the 3 servants and how the first 2 invested, the last one buried. I don’t want to bury the things God has given me to hold use.  The second quote,  “I’m using borrowed gifts and living on borrowed time.” This also has great truth to it!  Again, are you developing the gifts and talents for the greater good of the kingdom or for your own fame and fortune. I know some “christian celebrities” who will do nothing unless paid for it. I’m not begrudging making a living but sometimes being a servant and remembering you are living with borrowed time and serving with borrowed gifts, can make a difference. I have seen some who are well know sacrifice and do something for nothing because they see the greater impact it can have on the community of believers.
Both of these speakers had great impact and said many other great things so if your on Twitter, just check out the hashtag #cmleaders to catch some of those.
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