As I have taken a few days to soak up some of the many thoughts that were shared at CM Leaders, I cannot help but Thank God for Michael Chanley and his team at INCM. I’m thankful they had the courage to follow God’s leading and do this conference in a day where the kind of adventures rarely produce a profit. But that is only an earthly perspective, the eternal ramifications of this conference are yet to be known. I can only pray that I will apply what I have learned and improve my leadership so that those who come behind me on this trail of life, can do even greater things that God has allowed me to do.

Chanley, lead things off by introducing the three Biblical patterns that we would be wrestling with for the next few hours: Develop, Lead, Disciple. A great quote from him was that “Leadership is more art than science.”  I find that to ring so true. He also shared about Leadership and how it is viewed in scripture and the pattern that God has outlined for us to follow, by giving us leadership examples as role models.

What strikes me about this is God gave me a visual object lesson of just how important it is for us as leaders and as followers of Christ to make sure the “pattern” of living reflects Christ, because others are looking and watching us. I was at our local race track, letting my inner redneck out, and as I was watching the cars do some warm up laps, I noticed a young boy down in front of me with some race flags. At first I thought, “how cute” and put my attention back on the race. Then it was as if I was getting thumped in the head to really watch this kid. So I began to just watch him and that’s when I noticed. He was not just waiving the flags randomly at the drivers, he was following the exact pattern that the official flag man was demonstrating. This kid had the entire set of flags and was doing exactly as the man in the flag stand. In fact, someone else had noticed and they invited him up to be the “official” starter for the first race! You should have seen this kids face shine with excitement!  He had followed the pattern set before him and he was executing it very well.

As a leader, I have those who God has placed under my care to model Christ like leadership. I want to lay down a trail for them to follow so clearly that they don’t wander down the little rabbit trails that would get them into the troubles I’ve had. Hebrews 12:1-2 rings so loud in my mind as I think about develop, lead, disciple.

How are you doing on your “trail” of life with Jesus?  Let us press on, so that those who come behind us truly find us faithful!
Walk on, Lead on,

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