Gina McClain is a great leader and I have been privileged to get to know her a little. I so love her heart for leaders and her heart for helping others develop leaders in their own ministries.  Here are the notes from her Orange Conference 2016 Breakout.RJ3_8975

The scope of your influence is determined by the success of your leaders – Reggie Joiner

 As Leaders you should GAIN ELEVATION to see where the need for  Training is:
Questions to Ask: What if we stopped looking at ourselves as Teachers and instead look at it as Coaches?
Teacher Leader vs Coach Leader:
Teachers help leaders understand/coaches help leaders win.
Teachers stand in Front/ Coaches walk beside (messier) closes the gap.
What if we started acting like our volunteers are over saturated?
If we give them all vision and no training they will get frustrated because they don’t know what to do the big plan you cast vision for.
*Even If I have them physically, I don’t always have them mentally.
Educating vs Empowering
strategic cues that helps them focus on the right things Create a system that gives better cues-
Vision- The picture of what should be versus what is.
Systems- processes that produce outcomes
Behaviors the actions an individual embraces
Culture the behaviors, beliefs & values of a group of people.
vision reflected in your systems will cue individual behaviors that fosters a culture that lives out your vision. 
Build the ministry you wished you walked into!
How do we put these in motion:
Step 1: Cue the Vision
30 Second WHY?  Make it Vision in a nutshell
Boil it down and make it count.
Why does this role matter?
        * Draw a picture of what “BEST” looks like.
Everyone has that amazing volunteer you’d like to copy!  Make some notes about their behavior that makes them so great. You’ll have a list of what you’re looking for.!
Keep it short and doable.  Clear expectations that you give to them to help cue them. Give them the win!
From Lead Small- 5 Characteristics
Be Present
Partner with Parents
Move them Out
Create a Safe Place
Make it Personal
Step 2  Examine your Systems  Support what should be.
“Your systems will produce your outcomes.  If you don’t like your outcomes, you. Don’t have a vision issue, you have a systems issue- (loose Andy Stanley quote)
3 Systems-
Leadership Structure– How you empower, equip, and encourage your volunteers
Does your leadership structure support your vision?
Do your volunteers receive the level of relational connection you want them to give out?
Do. You have support structure in place to CUE your volunteers? That coaches them?
How many volunteers can you effectively CUE? If I can’t effectively coach them I need to get more coaches to help them.
Define the numbers for Volunteers to kids – Coach to Volunteers  Make sure it can be supported.
Define 5 Behaviors that makes a great coach! Use that to recruit!! 
Resource System– How you resource your volunteers
are we resourcing them to help them fulfill their vision?
Does the set up – communicate that we value our ratios?
Systems have to support the vision
Training must support the vision- It needs to be continuous. If your only doing it monthly you won’t do it well but you will improve it with consistency.
Move towards consistent coaching? Are they reminded of what should be each time they arrive?
Step 3 – Accountability- MOST CRITICAL!!
Require what Should be!
Take step 1 behaviors and introduce evaluation and measure it.
Measure how your volunteers are living out the behaviors of a great volunteer
Consistent Coaching- What do consistent cues look like?  Show them, remind them, hold them accountable.  The coach leads the team towards achieving those 5 behaviors!
The system of cues will coach the best out of them, so give them better cues!
Where there is accountability there is improvement where there is no accountability,
there is no improvement.
This breakout brought some much-needed clarity to some of the structures that I’ve been working on for my church. Not matter what size church you have, you can develop a coach and prepare for the growth God will bring to you.  Look for those who have the gift of encouragement, who have a heart for serving others.
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