What a great day and a bit crazy if you asked me.  Moving from YouLead to the opening of the regular part of the conference is only the addition of about 5,000 more people to the mix at the conference center.

But other than really crowded hallways, the breakouts were highly practical and challenging. From setting up a strategy to help your teams move further faster to challenging conversations that happen in student ministry.

Reconnecting with friends for past years is always great as you hear what God has been doing in and through then and learning some new ideas from them as well.

If you new to OC18, don’t miss your last chance on Day 3 to connect with others from different churches. Go beyond just asking about church sizes and responsibilities. Ask questions about how and why they do things?  Ask questions about who are the reading right now and one take away from it. What’s been there biggest win this year, and their biggest failure and what did they learn from both?

Finally Seriously Fun night was INCREDIBLE!! BEST ONE YET!!! The whole night was fun and entertaining and just what we needed after soaking in all the incredible wisdom and information.

If you’d like my unedited notes: Here’s my Evernote Notebook to check out the breakouts I enjoyed this year.



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