Here we are another “not normal” Sunday. I sit here in my kitchen looking out at the rain. I’m not sad. I’m inspired. I’m dreaming of what ministry (the method of sharing Jesus) will look like post-quarantine.

I don’t want another “normal” Sunday.

I want Sundays and Mon-Sat, where the church continues to live outside the walls of a building. Loving and serving the community they hope to reach with the gospel of Jesus.

I don’t want another Sunday were we say, “people over programs”

But instead, we are actually doing it. We are so program driven, focused on more classes and groups that we miss the opportunity to make more real connections and relationship. Maybe we can really focus on what people who need Jesus really need? instead of telling them what they need? Instead of telling believers the answers, show them how to find them for themselves.

I don’t want “normal” where families show up, consume, and leave and resume “normal” programming during the week.

I want to see families worship together in either the adult or the children’s environments on a weekly basis. I want to see kids pastors engaging with families during the week because parents have been discipled to disciple their children. I want to hear about kids sharing Jesus with their friend and making new disciples.

I don’t want the old normal, but I don’t want a “new normal” I just want it to be the way God designed it to be. His perfect plan. 

Today, sit and rest at the Fathers feet. engage in powerful worship through music, prayer and the study of God’s Word, and let it consume and change you. Don’t finish today the same way you started. Take one step closer to your maker and one day closer to the end of quarantine!

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