Jan 2 and it just got real!

All of us in ministry know the expectation of a New Year and with it the sense of a fresh start, a chance to renew or remake something wonderful in our ministries. Then Jan 2 comes and it gets real. You must now put into action what you’ve been dreaming of and the battle begins within. “What if it fails? Where do I start? Why am I even thinking about this?

New Years can be overwhelming especially if you are part of a small church or small team or have no team at all. So what do you do?

Get it on paper!

If you haven’t already, you need to write all your dreams, ideas, thoughts down! If you don’t write them down, you most likely either lose those ideas, or you will not even come close to seeing those dreams or ideas come to reality.


Take a look at your list and prioritize them. How do you do this? start with what is most important to you and your WHY?  As you look through your list what will accomplish your mission and vision in ministry or life. What needs to happen to move other things forward to grow your leadership, leaders, and ministry.

Make the projects/tasks manageable steps!

How do you eat an Elephant? one bite at a time. So take that big task and break it down into steps and often we don’t create enough steps and we still end up overwhelmed. So break it down, think it through and then when you get the steps down on paper, consider a couple more things.

Do I need to do this? What’s the next step?

As you look at your steps, ask yourself, “who can I hand this off to and bless by allowing them to use their gifts?” I know sometimes its hard because we often by into the idea there is no one to hand off to. I’ve felt that and believed that, but I also have come to realize its a lie the enemy uses to keep us ineffective. There are things only you can do and those are the things you keep on your list, the others, ask God to show you people who can do it better than you and ask them to take this task and that they are the only ones who can make this happen.

As you take evaluate your steps, prayerfully order them and then focus on getting each one done. Sometimes new things pop up but if you establish your priorities and know your goals (because their written down) you will stay on task and the pop up items will just join the list in the proper priority.

So as it gets real for you in 2017, start simple, find something that works for you and make 2017 the most productive, incredible ministry year ever!

What are some of your tips for when it gets real?

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