I love Orange Conference for many reasons. The energy, the joy, the variety, the overall coming together of church leaders.

The whole conference while centered around the “orange strategy” is really bigger than just one thing. I love that the leadership team at ReThink Group, work hard a pushing the family ministry strategy forward so that churches of any size start thinking strategically about why and what they do.

The Conference which meets in Duluth, Georgia draws nearly 8,000 leaders including Senior Leaders who can attend Rethink Leadership which is lead by Carey Nieuwhof. This is something that the majority of conferences don’t offer! I love this as it brings the Senior Leader together with their teams who lead the family ministry together and allows them to engage in deeper discussions about the overall strategy they use in their churches and how to make it better.

Let me give you just two reasons why you should consider this conference for yourself and your team.

First, Perspective. I have yet to attend a conference and not be challenged in my thinking as a leader. I have been stretched to be more innovative and hungry to have God take my thinking and heart deeper and farther. I always leave with a renewed passion to develop my ministry so that we are more connected to the community and impacting it because the church has become more connected to it.

Second, Bigger Thinking! Sometimes we need to get outside ourselves and our bubbles and think bigger. There is so much at risk when we choose to stay in our comfort zones and only listen to or read those in our bubbles. Orange Conference brings together leaders from various perspectives and while you may not agree with everything you hear, it stretches your thinking. We inside the church need to change. we need a revolution in the way we do church. We need to have a revolution in the way we minister to the community.

What’s happening at this years Orange Conference?

Orange LABS! -Each lab is a unique, all-day masterclass, broken down into four interactive sessions and designed to help you take your ministry to the next level. You won’t leave with a to-do list. Instead, you’ll walk out with a to-DONE list and a team of ministry friends to help you make it happen!

Breakout Tracks- Breakout tracks include:

  • Preschool
  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Special Needs
  • Volunteer
  • Marriage Ministry
  • Parent Strategy
  • City Strategy
  • Orange 101
  • Start-up Church
  • NextGen Leader

You can register HERE for Orange Conference 2020! Let this year be a revolution for you and your ministry!

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