We are moving into uncharted waters for ministry leaders and for some this is extremely overwhelming. 

 What do we do or not do during these next few days or weeks? I’d like to propose a few ideas for you to consider.

 First, Take a deep deep breathe…. and another. It’s easy to feel like you want to hit the panic button or just totally run away and hide. But we can’t  and we must not as we need to lead. We need to dig deep and lean into the Spirit’s power more than ever before. These next few weeks, we have to demonstrate to the world that we live what we preach week-in and week-out. 

 Second, I say take your time developing a plan for the course ahead. It changes daily and we must not react, we need to respond. Give yourself plenty of grace. If you are a senior leader, give you and your staff grace.  I’ve been doing ministry for over 30 years and I’ve never seen anything like this before but, I truly believe in my core this can be the Church’s finest hour to minister the truth and life of the gospel. The world can see us responding in faith, love and grace too. So no need to rush. Listen to our government officials, work with them and demonstrate godly submission and honor to their authority.

Third, I love to see us come together more and help provide support, encouragement, and resources to parents and families that will make life simpler and bring their stress level down more. We are going to have to think outside the box and can’t just throw videos and papers to download at them. We need to provide more than that. (those things are great, but I think we have more to offer.)  I love that there are Kidmin leaders creating new resources for families to use and we are going to need to develop longer term plans as this isn’t a one or two weekend challenge.  If I can help facilitate that I’d love to use the resources that Kids Ministry Collective has to offer. Check out the Kids Ministry Collective FB group if you’re not part of it already as I’ll be posting some ideas there along with others.

 For Ministry leaders some thoughts directly for you, not your ministries:

1) Take care of yourself. Make sure you and your family are taken care of, healthy and prepared.

 2) Keep looking and listening for God’s clear leading for ministry opportunities.  One area is supporting our first responders and health care professionals. They are going to need extra love and support during these times. Let the Church step up and care for them!

3) Take this time to dream, plan and pray about what ministry can be brand new in the coming days. Lean into the community of Children’s Ministries and contribute, share and grow together. Take advantage of online learning and sharpen your skills. 

I have one offer to make: I am full-time coaching leaders and right now I am wanting and honestly needing more leaders to coach. I have time and It would be a great blessing to come along side you. This would be a blessing to me as well! So if you’d like to head to www.kmccoach.net and I’d love to offer you a free 30 min call to talk about what coaching/mentoring can do for you and we will figure out what you can invest in yourself as a leader. I will work with you. 



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