Monday’s Coming….. And what you do on Sunday’s really does impact Monday-Saturday!

What if you could make Monday’s become more impactful for the kingdom? Would you do whatever it takes to help your kids impact the culture?

This past week I spent an amazing time in Atlanta at the Orange Conference with 8,000 other high-capacity leaders and volunteers all desiring to learn one thing: How do we make Mondays better for our kids and their families.

You have to imagine someone’s Monday before you can re-imagine their Sunday’s -Reggie Joiner

So how well do you know your volunteers, your kids who attend your church, or their parents, Mondays? Have you taken the time to consider just how important this?

As I reflect on this one thing it has brought great clarity to my ministry. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with thinking about all the “stuff” we have to get done we forget why we are doing it in the first place.

When you  think of their Monday’s, you being to realize that you need to honor their days. You don’t add to their burdens you help ease them.

When you think of their Monday’s,  you focus on what matters most and keep the other good things you could do in reserve.

When you think of their Mondays, you depend on God even more, to lead you first.

It was such a challenging time to re-think how I viewed Monday when it comes to children’s and family ministry. I want our Monday’s to count for something and so therefore, I must strategize about how I’m using Sunday’s to set up the children and families I serve to win on Monday!

OC16 helped refocus what I do and why I do it.  It’s given me a refined focus to help me and my team make the most of the time we are given so we don’t miss our God-given opportunities.

I’ll be posting more about Orange Conference 2016 as I process through the lessons learned. Please share with me how you are making your Sunday’s Count on Monday?


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