One Voice Will Make The Difference

This year’s Orange Conference theme is “One Voice.” I’m assuming based on last years “for our neighbors” theme, that this will be a challenge to use our voice to make a difference.
How can one voice make a difference? If you use your voice to speak to someone about the truth of the gospel, you’re making a difference.
If you use your voice to encourage someone who’s struggling through their day, you’re making a difference.
If you use your voice to love someone who feels unlovable, you’re making a difference.
Orange Conference is a gathering of leaders from all around the church, Kids Ministry, Youth Ministry, Next Generation or Family ministry, and even Senior Leaders. We all come together for a few days in Atlanta to consider better ways of doing ministry. To hear from through leaders in and out of our comfort zones. I love the challenges that are to us who lead the local church to consider new ways of reaching our towns for the gospel of Christ.
If you are open to new ideas, new thoughts, new ways of taking the gospel message of Jesus to the neighborhoods, I want to invite you to join me and thousands of other leaders in Atlanta in April. Registrations are open now! Check it out! Join us and find out how your voice can and will make a difference in 2018!
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