I’m personally very excited about this years conference as I’m back with a team of people from a new church that I began to serve at. I’m excited because I’m not experiencing Multi-Site ministry and I have the opportunity to help build a new campus (only 4 years old this week)

So what does this years Conference hold for me and the team from NewPointe? Only God truly knows but what I know is the leaders who are with me on this journey are excited and ready to hear God speak and challenge them to grow their leadership so they can see God grow the ministry and change our part of the world for God’s glory.

Orange Conference this year has 48 States represented; 19 Countries; 7,644 Registered; 2,451 who will be attending YouLead Day!! and 528 Senior Leaders attending the ReThink Leadership part of the conference.

One Voice is the theme this year, With one voice we can do more together. With One Voice we can make a difference. With one voice we can bring people together for a cause greater than ourselves. With one voice, imagine what God can do?

I’ll be sharing my notes here. I’ll also use  twitter @ptbump and  Instagram ptbump


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