Why should you consider joining 7,000 leaders in Atlanta? For several reasons:

  1. It will challenge the way you are thinking. When you are able to hear from some leading thought leaders from around the country, you cannot help but be challenged in your thinking.  If you bring a team it’s even better to debrief and brainstorm of new ways that your voices can make a difference in your neighborhoods.
  2. You will have so many opportunities to network and connect with other leaders in your area of service. If your lead preschool, elementary, pre-teen, middle school, high school, next gen; you’ll find so many others who are passionate about your area of ministry.
  3. You’ll have fun! You’ll experience awesome worship and You’ll return home, renewed, refreshed and with a new vision to impact your neighborhoods with the gospel message.

I want you to consider coming. You can even bring your Senior Leader to a special event that is geared for them.

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