When Orange Conference comes in 2019, It will get personal! For me, this conference is always personal!

It’s personal because it challenges me as a leader to consider a greater vision for ministry.  Every year from the pre-conference to the general sessions, I am personally challenged to get better.  Better at reaching my neighbors, better at working together with others in my church and in my community. Better Together is more than just a saying, its a calling.

It’s personal because you are challenged to connect with others and have deeper conversations about how to carry out the great commandment and great commission. Each year Orange pushes on your boundaries and comfort zones to consider the Biblical mandate of reaching our world and sharing Jesus with it.

It’s personal because at Orange Conference, you are around over 7500 leaders who are passionate about reaching the next generation and it’s not just here in the States. It’s around the world. You can literally meet people from around the world. Just ask Jon Acuff about Norway.

So if I were you, I’d take advantage of this fantastic opportunity and get you and as many of your team as you can to make this year’s conference a highlight on your calendar.

If you’re coming, I’d love to connect with you!  If you have questions, message me and I’d be happy to chat!

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