Did you know that Orange has taken the Orange Tour to a whole new level? Most people know that when Orange Tour comes around it’s a mini-Orange Conference set up to give volunteers a taste of what happens in Atlanta every April.

But, Orange Tour 2018 is so much more! Now some locations not only have the Deep and Wide experience with Andy Stanley but now they have added Parent Cue Live!!!!  

Parent Cue Live is a fantastic gathering of leaders who will challenge and encourage parents

This event will help you:

REDISCOVER what your kids need most in every phase

REPRIORITIZE how you engage with your kids every week

REIMAGINE how to dialogue with your kids about critical issues

RETHINK ways to partner with a church to impact your kid’s future

Join us for an evening with Reggie Joiner, Kristen Ivy, Carlos Whitaker, and more. Visit

Tour.ParentCueLive.com to register today!

Two Quick Reasons to take your team to Orange Tour!

  1. Totally affordable and doable!  Most churches cannot afford to take large groups of volunteers to Orange Conference but with Orange Tour, it’s much more affordable and many groups can drive in for the one day of learning and come away with such a greater vision for what is possible.
  2. It’s doable for many taking several days off of work, staying in a hotel, etc. is just not doable for a volunteer. What I have found is, your higher capacity leaders will desire to learn and are willing to invest in themselves for one day. For many, this is totally doable for them and I highly recommend you offer to your teams to see how many would like to attend this years tour.

Orange Tour is always a breath of fresh air, a reminder of what I learned at Orange Conference and a chance to take my teams and expose them to some great leaders who will invest in them with the same passion and want to see them make a greater impact of for the Kingdom!

I hope to see you at a Tour Stop!!

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