You Lead Day 2018 was a day mixed with challenge to leadership, improving volunteers ministry, recruiting volunteers and much more.

For me I began my day with learning from my friend Frank Bealer. Frank gave us some solid wisdom and strategy on how to have a volunteer makeover: Key points: Stop recruiting and start retaining; Put yourself in volunteers shoes and ask, is it worth it?; Lead so small groups win!

Gina McClain was also amazing as usual and drops some truth bomb about how to create a volunteer strategy to get it all done.

She challenged our thinking as leaders in so many ways. She gave us 4 Questions:

4 Questions-
How do you Communicate when you Delegate? Big Ask
Is your Org chart, helping or hurting you?
How are you developing those you lead?
What’s your plan for Advancement?
The whole rest of the day had me thinking about our volunteer culture and what I could do as a leader to make improvements to help our small group leaders win every weekend.
Then came the general session. From Jon Acuff to Reggie, the night was heart and head challenging.
If you’d like to see what notes I could capture. (which is no easy task when your constantly hearing truths every 5 seconds!
Remember these are un-edited notes so there will be spelling issues!
Can’t wait till Day 2!!
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