wmag-magic-sand-dishes-20130731What Has Changed You???

Have you ever played with the stuff called “magic sand?”  It’s pretty cool stuff and fun to use with kids as an object lesson. I was looking at it recently and began thinking how it changes when you take it from sitting in a container to pouring it into a glass of water. When you add it to something like water, it changes. It becomes something that can be molded, shaped, and formed into some cools designs and creations.




The dry sand isn’t fun to play with its just normal sand; it gets messy, and all over the place. The magic sand on the other hand, does change, it sticks together under the water. It even changes back to completely dry sand once it’s removed from the water.

When we look at our lives through the lens of our salvation in Christ Jesus, how has it changed us? We were just dry lifeless sand before Christ. After salvation takes place in our life, we have had the life giving water poured over us, it should change us. We can’t stay the same.

So how has the life in Christ changed you? How have you affected others? Has your life helped others want the life changing water?

How are you different today than even yesterday??

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